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Notable recoveries


North West Norfolk Ringing Group have many recoveries in our database and some have been of exceptional interest, a few of these are presented next. The recoveries are arranged by species with the ringing information on the first line and recovery  data below (NB some of these recoveries are multiple records of the same bird and have more than one line of recovery information).

Species. Ring Number. Age (+ sex if known) at ringing. Date bird was ringed. (see bottom of page for codes). Place bird was ringed. Recovery Code (see bottom of page for codes). Date bird was recovered. Place bird was recovered. Distance and direction of movement. Comments.


Ringed Plover Charadrius hiaticula
BV85945 4 31.08.1980 Heacham, Norfolk, England
RR 20.05.2000 Snettisham, Norfolk, England
                                    7,202 days
This Ringed Plover which we had colour ringed set a new British longevity record for this species


Sanderling Calidris alba


19.01.1996 Heacham, Norfolk, England
R 08.08.1998 Near Gdansk, Poland 1,227 km  E  932 days
R 11.10.1998 Heacham, Norfolk, England 1,227 km  W  996 days
This is the first example of a Sanderling from the Wash in eastern England to be recovered in Poland and only the second British ringed record. It will have been returning from its Siberian breeding grounds when it was controlled in Poland and then quite remarkably re-captured back in Norfolk two months later.

In the winter of 1998/1999 the Group captured 52 Shorelark Eremophilia alpestris this increased the total of Shorelark ringed in Britain by nearly 50%! Fortunately we colour-ringed them and this was to generate some interesting recoveries. There have only been 23 recoveries of British ringed Shorelark and seven of these were of birds ringed by the Group!
Shorelark Eremophilia alpestris
N697841 2M 31.12.1998 Holkham, Norfolk, England
RR 21.02.2000 St Peter-Bohl,  Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
535 km  ENE  417 Days
The first British ringed Shorelark found in Germany    
N697861 4M 09.01.1999 Holkham, Norfolk, England
VV 10.01.2000 De Slufter, Texel,  Netherlands
265 km  E  366 Days
The first British ringed Shorelark found in the Netherlands.
A further three recoveries of these birds  occurred as they were migrating back to their breeding grounds and one was seen the following winter at another location. Two more had returned to the place they were ringed the following year. 
Dunnock Prunella modularis
NOS 3 13.08.1998 Ronikilen, Vest-Agder, Norway
E820404 R 03.10.1998 Snettisham, Norfolk, England
721 km  SW  51 days
The 11th example of a Norwegian ringed Dunnock recovered in Britain


Reed Warbler Acrocephalus scirpaceus
LIK 2 19.07.1999 Ventes Ragas, Silute, Lithuania
VV92260 R 13.08.1999 River Burn, Burnham Market, Norfolk, England
1,359 km  W  25 days
The first Lithuanian ringed Reed Warbler to be recovered in Britain


Blackcap Sylvia atricapilla
F082437 5M 07.05.1996 Holme, Norfolk, England
+F 10.03.1997 Near Al Ladhiqiyah, Syria
3,383 km  SE  307 days
This is the first British ringed Blackcap to be recovered in Syria


Our intensive colour ringing of Snow Buntings generated some remarkable recoveries and a selection of these is given below.
Snow Bunting Plectrophenax nivalis
VP19897 4F 02.12.1995 Salthouse, Norfolk, England
VV 25.01.1998 Bremerhaven, Germany
502 km  E  795 days
Only the second British ringed Snow Bunting reported from Germany
NLA 3F 05.12.1996 Castricum, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
B887349 R 17.02.1997 Salthouse, Norfolk, England
241 km  W  74 days
R 24.01.1998 Salthouse, Norfolk, England
241 km  W  415 days
NLA B887349 is the second Dutch bird found in our region and remarkably was also recaptured the following year
VJ44503 6F 13.01.1991 Hunstanton, Norfolk, England
XF 02.01.1993 De Balg, Schiermonnikoog, Netherlands
392 km  E  720 days
VN26594 5F 19.01.1993 Titchwell, Norfolk, England
VV 27.11.1993 Zwin, Cadzand, Zeeland, Netherlands
259 km  SE  312 days
VP19730 3F 09.12.1995 Salthouse, Norfolk, England
VV 08.11.1998 Maasvlakte, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
233 km  ESE 1.065 days
VR98609 3F 27.12.1997 Salthouse, Norfolk, England
VV 08.11.1998 Veerse Dam, Zeeland, Netherlands
229 km  SE  316 days
The 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th British ringed birds found in the Netherlands
BLB 3M 25.11.1996 Zwin, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium
31V70148 R 24.01.1998 Salthouse, Norfolk, England
234 km  NW  425 days
VV 04.11.1998 Digue Du Brack, Dunkirque, France
                     709 days
1st Belgian ringed Snow Bunting recovered in Britain, this bird was then seen in France the following winter.
BLB 3M 08.12.1996 Zeebrugge, West Vlaanderen, Belgium
32V82267 R 31.01.1997 Holkham, Norfolk, England
244 km  NW  54 days
BLB 3F 15.12.1997 Zeebruge, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium
4077871 R 16.01.1999 Salthouse, Norfolk, England
230 km  NW  397 days
2nd and 3rd Belgian ringed Snow Buntings recovered in Britain
VN81690 5F 17.01.1997 Old Hunstanton, Norfolk, England
R 28.02.1998 Akureyri, Iceland 1755 Km  NW  407 Days
Seen 19.12.2005 Den Helder, The Netherlands
Setting a new British Longevity record of 8 years 11 months   View Map


VR98582 3F 05.12.1997 Salthouse, Norfolk, England
VV 17.03.1998 Hvolsvollur, Iceland
1731 km  NW  102 Days
VS42563 3M 28.11.1998 Salthouse, Norfolk, England
VV 21.02.2000 Hofn, Hornafjordur, Austur-Skaftafells, Iceland
1565 km  NW  450 Days
Two other Snow Buntings ringed by the Group were also recovered in Iceland.


A comprehensive selection of Recovery Maps depicting these recoveries can be viewed, just click on the link.


Key to recovery codes used
SR = sick or injured, released with ring
S = sick or injured - not known to have been released
R = caught and released by ringer
XL = found dead (not recent)
XF = found freshly dead or dying
X = found dead
VV = colour ringed bird re-sighted
Key to age codes used
1 =  ringed when a chick
2 = when ringed  was a fully-fledged bird but exact age unknown
3 = when ringed was a fully-fledged bird hatched in that current year
4 = when ringed  was definitely older than the current year of capture, otherwise exact age unknown
5 =  was ringed in the year after year of hatching
6 = when ringed  was definitely older than the last calendar year otherwise exact age unknown
M = male
F = female

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