Shorelark Eremophila alpestris  Recoveries and Controls all movements over 5 km 

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In 1959 a Shore Lark ringed at Cley in Norfolk was only the second ever to have been ringed in the British Isles, and by 1997 only 108 had been ringed and only one had ever been recovered!

In the winter of 1998/1999 the Group made a single catch of 44 on the 31st December 1998, and captured 8 more  in January 1999, this increased the total of Shore Lark captured in Britain by nearly 50%! Fortunately we colour-ringed them and this was to generate some interesting recoveries, including several that were seen during their return migration. This included Gibraltar Point, Lincolnshire, just across the Wash from where they were ringed, North Yorkshire, and Fair Isle, Scotland.

During the following winter of 1999/2000 one was seen in Suffolk having changed wintering area, but two more were seen back at the capture site. In February 2000 one was seen at St Peter-Bohl, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany in an area where many Shore Larks are known to winter, it was the first recovery of a British ringed Shore Lark in Germany!