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Annual Reports

The North West Norfolk Ringing Group was formed in 1990 to study the avifauna of this region of eastern England using bird ringing (banding) as a research tool to study wild birds. We operate at several sites on the Norfolk coast and also inland at both dry and wet scrub habitats using mist nets to catch spring and autumn passage migrants and also to monitor breeding populations. Mist nets are very fine and are used to capture birds so that they are unharmed. They are then taken out of the net by skilled ringers before being fitted with a ring on the leg bearing a unique number which identifies that bird.  Details of age, sex, weight, wing length measurements and any moult that the bird is undergoing are all quickly taken and carefully recorded. They are then released.

Since our formation in 1990, we have ringed over 45,000 birds of 126 species. The Group has a core of six ringers who operate all year round, but we can call up other ringers to help with specific projects that require more people. All Group bird ringers (banders) are unpaid volunteers who give freely of their time.

The Group activities and results are sometimes published as an annual report and some of these are now available as pdf files.



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